4 Practical Suggestions to Help You Get Unstuck

On finding new ways to think so you can keep thriving

Kolina Cicero


Photo by Matthieu Jungfer on Unsplash

We have all become mental Olympians these past two years, bending everything we once knew and trying to shape it into something that will work in the new landscape we’ve been thrust into. If our time making adjustments has taught us anything, it’s that stagnancy is the antithesis of success.

Those who didn’t pivot to accommodate the new state of affairs we’ve found ourselves in were left paddling furiously upstream (or worse), while those who were able to drop what they’d been doing and implement new ways of operating found themselves skimming along the surface with less effort, less fear, and less doubt. By no means was everyone able to adapt, no matter how willing they were. Sometimes it takes a lot more than the will to pivot in order to evolve to meet our environment’s new demands. Other times, though, we are able to unstick ourselves and find ways to keep paddling along.

Before we are able to move according to what the world throws at us, like many of those who are truly thriving today have done, we must first change the way we think. We must put to rest some of the neural pathways we’ve spent our whole lives connecting and create new ones.