Redeem 2020

There is still time to make it a good year

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With one month left of the year, it’s easy to call it done and get ready to make 2021 a better year. But there’s still an entire month left. A month is plenty of time to turn things around and redeem 2020.

I have some ideas.


Christmas is looming and for many, it’s a hard season to endure. This year will probably be even tougher than normal, given that many of us won’t be spending it with our families. Since the holidays are going to look different this year, I think it’s a better year than ever to give. Give your money, and if you don’t have money, give your time. Giving can take many shapes, but it always has the same result: the feeling of doing something good.

Here’s a list of 33 ways to give back during the holiday season.


I am the biggest fan of habit tracking, and December is an especially smart time to begin tracking your habits so you can set yourself up for a successful start to the new year. Track your habits for the entire month. On New Year’s Eve, review your habits and see how you feel afterwards. Do you wish you would’ve spent less time watching Netflix and more time riding your Peleton? If so, restructure your habits for next month and continue tracking. In fact, track all year long. You’ll find after just a month that it is one of the most beneficial things you can do for time management.


One of the great things to come out of this year is the accessibility of online education. You can learn just about anything online these days — and probably for free. Spend a few hours per week learning something new, and by the end of the year you’ll have gained knowledge in something you’re interested in. From languages to cooking to graphic design to how to pose for Instagram, you’ll find whatever class you need to end the year feeling more accomplished.


Don’t let any of the 31 days go unaccounted for. Make every day count for something. Instead of switching between all of the things you want to get done when you have some free time, try batching your work or hobbies or habits. It’ll enhance your productivity immensely.


Nobody has ever looked back at a year and thought, wow, I really wish I would have spent less time reading. Or, if they have, I don’t know them. I consider reading one of the most useful ways to spend your time. It takes you on an adventure (which is especially beneficial right now) and expands your horizons. Plus, it’s a way to kick up your feet and relax. Read a couple of good books before years-end, and I can almost guarantee you’ll feel a little bit better about what you accomplished this year.

People love to make jokes about how bad this year’s been. And I agree that it’s been tough, but I don’t think we need to call it a wash. There’s still time to redeem 2020. Start now. You’ve got 34 days left to get stuff done.

Don’t wait for the right time — the right time is today.

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