The Introvert’s Guide to Self-Care

Three meaningful ways to nurture your introversion

Kolina Cicero


Photo by Maëva Vigier on Unsplash

Listen. There are a lot of introverts out there observing the world as it turns, quietly contributing as much as everyone else — just differently. It is an extrovert’s world, and trying to find our place within it can be exhausting to the point where a single work meeting can take it out of us introverts, let alone a day’s worth of meetings. Add to that the inherent need to spend time with family and friends, and an introvert can be pulped by the time they get home.

We are told not to think about life in terms of a pie: When you take a piece of my pie, that means I have fewer pieces to myself. But when it comes to introverts and our precious energy, life is like a pie, and extroverts can unknowingly leave us with mere crumbs after a social interaction. It’s not exactly acceptable to turn down every offer of social interaction due to wanting to keep our pieces of pie, nor is it healthy. So what’s an introvert to do when there are so many demands on their time where they’re expected to show up happy and outgoing, a quantifiable addition?

I’m not going to speak loudly because it’s against my nature, but I’m here to remind you fellow introverts to take care of yourself. It’s okay to need some time alone to decompress, to obsess over all the things you…