The World Needs Your Art and Mine

Inspiration to keep working hard

I wrote a little story once.

I shared it with a couple of friends. They liked it.

I shared it with a couple more friends. They liked it, too.

I decided I liked my story enough to pursue publishing.

I submitted it to Chronicle Books. Unsurprisingly, they never got back to me.

I began to research indie publishing.

I decided that, though indie publishing is a lot of work and money, I liked my story enough to do it.

I signed on with Wise Ink Creative Publishing.

I worked with an editor on the manuscript.

I worked with an illustrator on the art.

I worked with an author and designer on the layout and book design.

I did a Kickstarter campaign. My project was funded in three days.

I got my book printed at a local printer. I paid for 1,500 hardcovers with my Kickstarter funds.

I sold a bunch of copies on my website.

I got it into 10 different stores.

I work every day to get it into more children’s hands.

It’s been hard. But Glennon Doyle says we can do hard things.

Some days the sales roll in from people I don’t even know — and many that I do.

Other days, I refresh my email constantly only to see no sales at all.

But I stay positive and keep working.

Now I’m looking at a second print run.

Now I’m closer to breaking even on the cost of the production.

Now I’m seeing people buy it for loved ones for the holidays.

If that’s you, thank you.

If you supported my Kickstarter, thank you.

If you bought my book for another reason, thank you.

And if you took an idea and worked tirelessly to pursue it, thank you.

The world needs your art.

And that’s the reminder I give myself every day.

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